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Nov. 10, 2022

Introducing the Betting Startups Podcast

Introducing the Betting Startups Podcast

In my last 12 years in the betting industry, I've led projects to develop dozens of products that have been used by millions of people that have transacted billions of dollars. So launching a new thing is very familiar terrain.

But this launch is different. The Betting Startups Podcast is now live, and it's the most unsure I've ever felt about a launch in my life.

The main reason for that is simple: instead of it being a product that people interact with (which I can anonymously hide behind), this is literally just me talking. That's pretty intimidating considering I have ZERO experience with podcasting (other than listening to way too many other ones), and inevitably the feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome start to sink in. 

Who would want to listen to this? What if people hate it? What makes me think I'm qualified to even be doing this in the first place?


Before the last six years with Pinnacle, I remember having these same feelings. Back then I was an entrepreneur leading my own fledgling little startup, and it was the same vulnerable feeling putting myself out there as we worked to establish our unknown selves within the betting industry. 

But part of the entrepreneurial journey is leaning into the fear and accepting that rejection and failure come with the territory. Part of what makes successful entrepreneurs successful is their willingness to try anyway, despite the massive odds against. And as I sit here at the keyboard readying the launch of this thing that feels pretty scary right now, I'm reminding myself of that.

So why launch a podcast, despite the apparent lack of credentials?

  • I spend a good chunk of my days engaged in the betting industry, and have a natural interest in tech startups/entrepreneurship. So a podcast about betting industry startups sits neatly at the intersection of two of my main interest areas.

  • Though I'm no longer with Pinnacle, I fully intend to remain active in the industry. This podcast is a great way for me to remain engaged in it, and gives me a good excuse to talk with founders and CEOs that are doing cool stuff within it. That's fun for me.

  • Maybe the biggest reason: to put myself in a position of discomfort (see above), which I hope will reactivate some of the dormant entrepreneurial muscles that I haven't exercised for a few years. It's me alone that will be responsible for the success or failure of it, and I'm ready to embrace that pressure. 

Let's be real: this podcast is a niche (startups) within a niche (betting) within a niche (business). I don't expect it to become a cultural zeitgeist a la Joe Rogan or Tim Ferris, and I'm okay with that. 


Like all startups, the podcast will inevitably go through many iterations, and V1 is rough around the edges. You can expect to hear:

✅ the host fumbling his words

✅ sketchy audio clip transitions (said host has zero experience with post-production editing and is learning on the job!)

✅ suboptimal volume levels, oscillating between too quiet and too loud at times

✅ cheesy-as-hell intro and outro music 

Despite all that, I'm proud of even getting it to this point and taking the hardest step: actually starting.

The podcast is launching with 3 episodes already recorded. I'm ever grateful to John, Adam, and Omer for agreeing to be the first three guests. Each of them is an amazingly talented entrepreneur, and each shared a ton of high-value insights 🔥

If you do happen to listen to any parts of any of the episodes, PLEASE let me know how I can improve. You can send feedback through the contact page, or scream at the shiny new @BettingStartups twitter account.