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Feb. 2, 2022

Ep. 11: Martina Åkerlund, Triggy

Ep. 11 introduces you to Martina Åkerlund, CEO of Triggy, which develops products that connect sports data, live odds, and user insights to increase customer engagement, acquisitions, and lifetime value.

Hear Martina discuss:

  • How Triggy has been able to secure partnerships with international betting operators, while also expanding to work with leagues and teams in the US market
  • Why the founders of Triggy decided to bring in an external CEO at this stage of its growth, and how that transition has been going
  • The feedback she is hearing from investors about the 'customer engagement' category as Triggy currently works to secure a new round of growth capital  
  • Why she thinks that entrepreneurs will be a leading force in helping to bring more diversity to the betting industry
  • What has been the biggest surprise to her about the betting industry since she joined it in October 2020

Learn More:

➡️  Triggy website

➡️  Martina Åkerlund on Linkedin


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