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Feb. 9, 2022

Ep. 12: Marvin Sanderson, Xpoint

Ep. 12 introduces you to Marvin Sanderson, co-founder and CEO of Xpoint, which provides an essential geo compliance solution to the sports betting and gaming industries globally.

Hear Marvin discuss:

  • How Xpoint sees geolocation compliance as a business opportunity for partners instead of a utility or "a box to be checked"
  • The importance of getting market validation as a new B2B supplier, and how the deal came together with Sporttrade as the first customer
  • The biggest differences he sees between the US regulated market and other non-US markets  
  • Why investors were very excited about the opportunity that Xpoint is pursuing, what made Bettor Capital the ideal investor partner for Xpoint, and a teaser about further funding announcements coming soon

Learn More:

➡️  Xpoint website

➡️  Marvin Sanderson on Linkedin


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