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Feb. 16, 2022

Ep. 13: Tomash Devenishek, Kero Sports

Ep. 13 introduces you to Tomash Devenishek, founder and CEO of Kero Sports, a curated in-game betting engine that powers the apps of major teams, leagues, and sportsbook operators.

Hear Tomash discuss:

  • The changing relationship between fans and live sports in an age of shortening attention spans
  • Why delivering continuous entertainment through algorithmic curation is the "north star" for his company
  • How designing a user experience with accessibility and immersiveness in mind has helped differentiate Kero Sports from other fan engagement products  
  • Why he is relocating from San Francisco to Miami and how he expects the move to benefit his company

Learn More:

➡️  Kero Sports website

➡️  Tomash Devenishek on Linkedin


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