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Feb. 24, 2022

Ep. 14 - Greg Kajewski & James Seils, BettorEdge

Ep. 14 introduces you to Greg Kajewski & James Seils of BettorEdge, a no-fee social betting marketplace that is on a mission to democratize sports betting by getting the edge back to the bettor.

Hear them discuss:

  • How BettorEdge is fundamentally different from other betting products, and why they prefer to be compared to social fintech platforms like Venmo or Robinhood

  • Why their social betting marketplace is able to operate in 45 states when traditional betting exchanges cannot

  • Their focus on educating consumers about the "hidden fees" within fixed-odds sportsbooks and betting exchanges

  • How localizing the product and marketing has enabled them to seed the marketplace and overcome the cold start problem
  • Why they have made charitable giving a priority, and what it meant to donate $10,000 to Chad Greenway's 'Lead the Way Foundation'

Learn More:

➡️  BettorEdge website

➡️  Greg Kajewski on Linkedin

➡️  James Seils on Linkedin


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