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March 16, 2022

Ep. 17 - Jonathan Bierig, Ultimate Odds

Ep. 17 introduces you to Jonathan Bierig, co-founder and co-CEO of Ultimate Odds, a next generation fantasy sports platform that combines sports betting lines and odds with fantasy players into one experience.

Hear him discuss:

  • Their unique concept of creating fantasy matchups using betting odds instead of players, and where this type of product sits within the ecosystem
  • "Betting on himself" and making the decision to drop out of college to start Ultimate Odds
  • How asking for help and advice led to investment in his company from some of the betting industry's top names
  • Opening up and being vulnerable enough to embrace his failures as part of his own story and journey
  • The importance of focusing on mental health, and his advocacy work with Same Here Global

Learn More:

➡️  Ultimate Odds website

➡️  Jonathan Bierig on Linkedin