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May 4, 2022

Ep. 21 - Dan Healy, PickUp

Ep. 21 introduces you to Dan Healy, co-founder and CEO of PickUp, which is an incentivized fan engagement platform.

Hear him discuss:

  • How starting an online food delivery service during college in 2005 launched his career in consumer tech, which included developing mobile apps for brands such as lululemon, SoulCycle, American Express, and more
  • The unique way that PickUp is engaging the 80% of sports fans that have an opinion on sports, but aren't yet betting on sports 
  • How his partners at NASCAR are leveraging betting to drive interest in the sport, and how PickUp is helping make that possible
  • Why he believes that "NFTs will play a massive part in the sports landscape going forward", and the role that utility will play in the fan experience

Learn More:

➡️  PickUp website

➡️  Dan Healy on Linkedin

➡️  Dan Healy on Twitter