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May 11, 2022

Ep. 22 - John Latella & Grady Toombs, Legacy Fantasy Sports

Ep. 22 introduces you to John Latella and Grady Toombs, cofounders of Legacy Fantasy Sports, which is fantasy sports platform that includes both current and historical legacy athletes.

Hear them discuss:

  • How a father/son debate about sports helped spark the idea for incorporating retired athletes into modern fantasy sports
  • Why their game is "pandemic proof" and how it can be played during gaps in the live sporting calendar
  • The story of how they got four-time Pro Bowler and Detroit Lions legend Herman Moore to join as a co-founder
  • Why their subscription-based model allows them to fall outside of DFS and sports betting regulations, allowing them to offer the game to players of all ages
  • Their thoughts on the economics of the traditional fantasy sports and betting business models, and why theirs is a more sustainable model

Learn More:

➡️  Legacy Fantasy Sports website

➡️  John Latella on Linkedin

➡️  Grady Toombs on Linkedin