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June 9, 2022

Ep. 25 - Pete Smaluck,

Ep. 25 introduces you to Pete Smaluck, founder and CEO of, which is the most comprehensive and effective player prop research tool on the market.

Hear him discuss:

  • His former career as an elementary school math teacher, and how his passion for finding intuitive ways to teach math has influenced the product

  • How he developed math learning software using NBA data, and how he pivoted that software from education to become a props research tool that ultimately became

  • Why he decided that would be a subscription-based business model, and the challenges of scaling a subscription-based B2C product

  • How his experience working at VC-funded startups has informed his decision to bootstrap and focus on organic growth

  • His perception of the newly regulated Ontario gaming market as a resident of that province, and why "there's a huge culture of sports betting" in Ontario

Learn More:

➡️  Pete Smaluck on Linkedin

➡️ website