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June 10, 2022

Ep. 26 - Robin MacDonald, Rubik Talent

Ep. 26 introduces you to Robin MacDonald, co-founder and managing partner of Rubik Talent, which cultivates smart, diverse talent for global iGaming, PayTech & FinTech enterprises.

Hear him discuss:

  • The unique way that Rubik is developing talent with specialized skills specific to the iGaming industry, and how it is helping to deploy that talent into partner organizations

  • Why Rubik prefers to work with industry employers that “have a long-term view of the skills” they want to develop within their organizations, and why stakeholder buy-in is so important

  • What he thinks about the iGaming industry’s effort to market and position itself as it competes to attract talent with other fast-growing sectors

  • Why he decided to focus on the iGaming industry despite the fact that it’s not the only industry that is struggling to develop digital talent

  • Why he thinks the current market contraction “is a very short term one”, and why macroeconomic headwinds will not decrease the demand for people with digital skills


Learn More:

➡️  Robin MacDonald on Linkedin

➡️  Rubik Talent website