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June 17, 2022

Ep. 27 - Thomas Willomitzer, SnapOdds

Ep. 27 introduces you to Thomas Willomitzer, founder and CEO of SnapOdds, "the Shazam for sports betting" that makes it easier for people to find and place bets while watching games live.

Hear him discuss:

  • His past startup experiences as co-founder of (acquired for $280m) and identity verification platform Jumio
  • How he got the idea for creating 'the Shazam for sports' while watching the Superbowl with friends, which catalyzed the journey of developing the underlying computer vision technology that powers Snap Odds
  • Why investors in Snap Odds saw it as a “rare combination” of a product that improved UX, provided utility, and had a clear path to monetization
  • Why he decided to participate in the TechStars accelerator despite his past successes, network, and credibility, and how he benefitted from that experience
  • The importance of having passion as an entrepreneur, and why money cannot be the sole motivation to start a business

Learn More:

➡️  Thomas Willomitzer on Linkedin

➡️  SnapOdds website