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June 30, 2022

Ep. 29 - Brady Sharp, BroThrow

Ep. 29 introduces you to Brady Sharp, co-founder & CEO of BroThrow, a patent-pending, social sports betting network.

Hear him discuss:

  • The importance of establishing trust amongst users, and the need to build constraints in the product to enforce social accountability

  • Why the peer-to-peer model used by BroThrow makes it exempt from sports betting regulations, despite the fact that users are betting real money

  • The marketing channel that allowed BroThrow to successfully acquire its users, which they are doubling down on for the upcoming NFL season

  • When he knew the time was right to leave the comfort of his corporate finance job to pursue BroThrow full-time

  • How he pitched the idea for BroThrow to a former boss, who liked the idea so much that his boss gifted him the domain name


Learn more:

➡️ BroThrow website

➡️ Brady Sharp on Linkedin