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Aug. 26, 2022

Ep. 36 - Ross Fruin, GridRival

Ep. 36 introduces you to Ross Fruin, co-founder and CEO of GridRival, which is the home screen for race fans.

Hear him discuss:

  • How GridRival acquired 22,000 users within the first 5 days after launching, and how product virality helped it scale it to over 180,000 users in the first year

  • GridRival’s progression from season-long fantasy into DFS, and what he’s thinking about as the next step in his long-term plan

  • The challenges of the quickly changing data landscape within motorsports, and why he thinks it’s possible that data collection “may be a problem we end up solving internally”

  • Being dismissed by investors as a niche operator before successfully raising $3m from investors who saw the motorsports audience as on that could drive venture-scale returns

  • How he built an all-star advisory board at GridRival, and his advice for other entrepreneurs on what they should consider when looking for advisors


Learn more:

➡️ GridRival website

➡️ Ross Fruin on Linkedin