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Sept. 2, 2022

Ep. 37 - Kenneth Giles, SimBull

Ep. 37 introduces you to Kenneth Giles, co-founder and CEO of SimBull, which is the stock market for sports.

Hear him discuss:

  • Leaving his “very stable nine to five job” as an actuary and why he decided to follow in his family’s path of entrepreneurship
  • How he came up with the concept of a sports stock market, which he believes can grow into a standalone category alongside betting and fantasy
  • Taking a contrarian approach by focusing on longer-term markets at a time when microbetting is attracting a large amount of attention and investment
  • His experience going through the Techstars Sports Accelerator, and how “it makes you think about all aspects of your business”
  • How he views the fundraising environment as SimBull finalizes plans to raise a $1.5m seed round this fall


Learn more:

➡️ SimBull website

➡️ SimBull Twitter

➡️ SimBull in Apple app store

➡️ Kenneth Giles on Linkedin