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Sept. 9, 2022

Ep. 38 - Michael Zavagno, TopProp Fantasy

Ep. 38 introduces you to Michael Zavagno, co-founder and CEO of TopProp Fantasy, which is the next generation of daily fantasy sports.

Hear him discuss:

  • Why he believes that TopProp’s head-to-head fantasy contests will “bring that competitiveness” back to fantasy sports
  • The learnings from launching last NFL season as a web-only product, and how that helped shape the recently-launched TopProp mobile app
  • The importance of intuitive UX, and how the app’s swipe-based mechanic has helped TopProp attract a younger demographic than the industry average
  • What he’s hearing from investors as he raises a $1.5m round, which is currently half subscribed
  • Which NFL player he thinks will win the MVP title this season


Learn more:

➡️ Michael Zavagno on Linkedin

➡️ TopProp Fantasy website

➡️ TopProp Fantasy on Twitter


(Host note: this episode had some minor audio issues that unfortunately couldn't be improved. It's still 100% worth listening to, but we wanted to acknowledge that it might sound slightly different than usual. We'll do better! 🙌)