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Sept. 14, 2022

Ep. 39 - Rob Pizzola, The Hammer Betting Network

Ep. 39 introduces you to Rob Pizzola, co-founder of The Hammer Betting Network, which aims to be industry leader in providing trusted sports betting content.

Hear him discuss:

  • His journey as a longtime betting content creator, and one of “the OG’s of Gambling Twitter”
  • The grind of betting professionally at scale over several years, and why he “would give up sports betting in a second” if he could
  • Why he believes in being price sensitive when betting on sports, and how that belief led him to become co-owner of Bet Stamp
  • The problem he has with betting content creators that misrepresent themselves, and how he is bringing transparency to all content published on
  • How he was able to onboard dozens of top creators to build the network in only a few weeks, and how he plans to scale content creation on the platform
  • His advice for people who aspire to become sports betting content creators


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➡️  Hammer Betting Network website

➡️  Hammer Betting Network on Twitter

➡️  Rob Pizzola on Twitter