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Sept. 21, 2022

Ep. 40 - Nik Bonaddio, BigBrain Games

Ep. 40 is guest hosted by Lloyd Danzig from Sharp Alpha Advisors, who introduces you to Nik Bonaddio, founder and CEO of BigBrain.

Hear Nik discuss:

  • Appearing as a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, winning $100,000, and quitting his job the next day to pursue his first startup
  • Launching Numberfire as Moneyball for fantasy sports, and scaling it to $2m in revenue before exiting to Fanduel in 2015
  • His experience working as Fanduel’s Chief Product Officer, and why after 4+ years he “wanted to kind of get back to the craziness of startups”
  • Why it was “kind of obvious” to him that the DFS model could be applied to the brain games category, which was the catalyst for BigBrain
  • His strategy to build a cap table with both betting industry investors and industry-agnostic VC firms including First Round Capital, BoxGroup, Ludlow, and Golden Ventures
  • His long-term plan to buy the Pittsburgh Pirates, and why his first move as owner will be to reduce ticket and concession prices


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Episode Guest:

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Episode Host:

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