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Sept. 29, 2022

Ep. 41 - Rob Klages & Kevin Kamto, AthleteX

Ep. 41 introduces you to Rob Klages and Kevin Kamto from AthleteX.

Hear them discuss:

  • Some of the core ideological concepts behind crypto and blockchain technology 
  • Their philosophical principles of transparency, openness, and fairness, and why only blockchain technology could enable those within the AthleteX platform
  • Why "tokenized fantasy sports was always an intuitive idea", and how a hackathon initially gave them the opportunity to explore it
  • The challenges of UX in web3, and what needs to be done to widen the appeal of crypto to the mass market
  • "Hunkering down and building" during the bear market, and why they are confident that crypto prices will rebound


Learn more:


➡️ AthleteX website

➡️ AthleteX Discord server

➡️ AthleteX on Twitter