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Oct. 20, 2022

Ep. 44 - Alexander Kane, Sporttrade

Ep. 44 introduces you to Alexander Kane, founder and CEO of Sporttrade, which is America’s most dynamic sports betting platform where sports betting meets stock trading.

Hear him discuss:

  • Their highly anticipated launch last month in New Jersey, and what the most surprising thing has been so far since going live
  • Why he decided not to use traditional odds display formats on Sporttrade, and why he believes that the “Sporttrade format” are the most intuitive odds for people to understand
  • The importance of educating customers on the Sporttrade product, which he thinks will “be one of [their] defining challenges”
  • The role that partnerships will play in driving customer awareness around the Sporttrade value proposition, such as the current partnership with Unabated
  • Why he prioritizes engaging on Twitter when so many other things compete for his time and most other industry CEOs eschew this
  • Drawing inspiration from Airbnb by focusing on “doing things that don’t scale” during Sporttrade’s early days, including personally texting customers that have failed deposits
  • How he maintains a positive mindset and attitude in the face of skepticism around Sporttrade’s model


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➡️ Alex Kane on Twitter