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Oct. 27, 2022

Ep. 46 - Brian Kipp, OwnersBox

Ep. 46 introduces you to Brian Kipp from OwnersBox, which is the home of SuperFlex DFS & Lightning Lineups.

Hear him discuss:

  • Launching a sports information product in 2012 and growing it to 50,000 users before pivoting to fantasy sports in 2018
  • Why he thinks that fantasy sports “produces the most loyal user base” of all categories within the wider betting and gaming ecosystem
  • How OwnersBox is innovating within fantasy sports, including its unique ‘Lightning Lineups’ which aims to simplify the experience with slot-like mechanics
  • Why OwnersBox has invested heavily in content creation over the last two years, and why it now sees content as a profit center rather than a cost center
  • How Brian is thinking about scaling OwnersBox now that it has found product-market fit, including his plans to raise a Series A in 2023


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Episode guest:

➡️ OwnersBox website

➡️ Brian Kipp on Linkedin

➡️ Brian Kipp on Twitter


Episode host: 

➡️ Dan Hannigan-Daley on Linkedin

➡️ Dan Hannigan-Daley on Twitter