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Nov. 5, 2022

Ep. 47 - Aaron Basch & Evan Fisher, Sparket

Ep. 47 introduces you to Aaron Basch and Evan Fisher from Sparket, which is the Social Betwork. 

Hear them discuss:

  • Their history as high-school friends leading the math club, and how fantasy football kept them connected after high school until they reunited to start Sparket in 2019
  • How their parimutuel social betting platform allows operators to offer "different markets without taking exposure”
  • Why they are trying to build experiences for "demographics that have traditionally not participated” in sports betting, and how that is translating into traction
  • The 12+ month process of getting the Sparket platform GLI certified, and how holding that certification benefits them despite it being “a huge effort up front”
  • Why they chose to raise their current round of funding publicly via crowdfunding campaign, and how it’s going for them so far

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➡️ Sparket website

➡️ Aaron Basch on Linkedin

➡️ Evan Fisher on Linkedin