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Dec. 22, 2021

Ep. #6 - Dan Fabrizio, Unabated Sports

Ep. #6 introduces you to Dan Fabrizio, co-founder and President of Unabated Sports.

Hear Dan discuss:

  • Getting his start in the industry in the late 90's when he moved to the Caribbean to help a friend launch one of the first online sportsbooks

  • Starting his first company (Sports Insights/Fantasy Labs) as a side hustle, and choosing to bootstrap it and grow organically versus raising outside capital

  • Selling his company to The Action Network, and his experience transitioning into a more corporate environment following the acquisition

  • Why he chooses to not focus on monetizing his businesses as an affiliate, even though it would likely mean a quicker path to revenue

  • His advice for other founders and entrepreneurs that are getting their start within the betting industry    


Learn more:

➡️ Unabated Sports website

➡️ Dan Fabrizio on Linkedin