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Jan. 5, 2022

Ep. #7 - Spencer Marell & David Mason, The Handle

Ep. #7 introduces you to Spencer Marell and David Mason, authors of The Handle, a weekly betting industry newsletter aimed at the Gen Z audience.

Hear Spencer & David discuss:

  • How they got into the betting industry while studying full-time in their junior year of college
  • Why they were unable to launch HmmrBet, their odds comparison tool, and how that led them to create The Handle
  • How they grade the US regulated betting industry at appealing to Gen Z consumers from both a product and marketing perspective
  • Whether they think that sports betting products with more immediate gratification (such as micro markets) are the answer for operators to acquire more Gen Z customers 
  • The role they see NFTs and web3 playing in the growth of the total addressable market of sports betting


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