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Are you the (co)founder of a startup in the betting industry? Tell your story as a featured guest on The Betting Startups Podcast


The betting industry is red hot, and lots of eyes (and ears!) are on it right now.

The Betting Startups Podcast introduces listeners to the founders of the most promising startups competing for a piece of the multi-billion dollar betting industry.

As the only podcast dedicated to the industry's early-stage ecosystem, it has quickly built a loyal audience of entrepreneurs, investors, industry stakeholders, and curious onlookers.

Episodes feature interviews with founders and CEOs of all types of startups in the wider betting industry, such as:

⚪ Sportsbook operators

⚪ Suppliers

⚪ Media properties

⚪ B2C products/technologies/apps

⚪ Betting-adjacent startups

⚪ Investors backing betting startups

The podcast is hosted by Jesse Learmonth, a betting industry veteran who launched it in November 2021.

Episodes are published on all major audio platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Note: we are currently booking for fall 2023. If you are okay with that timeline, read on...

What you need to know

As the name of the show implies, the focus is on early-stage companies in the betting and igaming industry.

As such, we are looking for founders and CEOs from startups that:

✅ are actively pursuing a market opportunity within the wider sports betting and igaming ecosystem

✅ are privately held and not listed on any public market or exchange

✅ have been operating for a maximum 5 years under the current guise of the business

✅ have not raised more than $20 million in cumulative funding (don't make us look on Crunchbase!)

✅ still have active founder involvement

"Startup" is a very subjective term open to countless interpretations and definitions, so consider these to be guidelines more than anything. We'll use our best judgment in applying these criteria.


Episode Details

Here are some useful things to know about our approach to producing episodes:

⚪ We record both audio and video, so you should expect and prepare to do this on camera!

⚪ Our target episode length is 30 minutes, +/- 10%

⚪ Episodes are interview format

We want the conversation to be insightful, fun, and engaging for people to listen to.

To help you prepare and feel comfortable, we will send you some potential topics a few days prior to recording.

We reserve the right to go off script and call audibles with the questions, but we'll keep it good-spirited and well-intentioned at all times ✌️

Recording Logistics

Here is what we ask of guests before we connect for the recording:

⚪ Download and install Zoom, which we will use to record the episode

⚪ Be seated somewhere with a solid internet connection (ie. not on your mobile while running between other obligations)

⚪ Make sure you have a quiet space with no interruptions and minimal background noise

⚪ Turn audio notifications off your mobile, Slack, email, etc...

⚪ Test your microphone and listen to the playback. Can you hear yourself crisply and clearly? Good. If not, find and test another mic until you can.

⚪ Turn on your webcam and record yourself talking.

👉 Do you have enough light on your face, or is your face a big shadow? If it is, try putting lamp in front of you to shine light on your face.

👉 Is your background suitable for primetime? :)


Post Production

We aim to record episodes the week before the scheduled release date. In other words, we'll publish your episode within a week of recording it.

You can expect episode content to be repurposed and packaged up for sharing across several channels, such as Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube.

We can also work with your marketing team to produce bespoke assets that can be shared through your owned channels.

In all cases, we'll do our best to make you and your company shine 🌟


Next Steps

If you are still reading and nodding along enthusiastically, then now is the perfect time to introduce yourself using this quick form.

Please note that if we agree to collaborate, you will be asked to sign our standard guest release form before we record. 

Thanks for your interest! 🙏